Hey guys,

I’m Emma and I’m twenty-two. My nickname is Possum so that is where the title came from.

I live in New Zealand, and recently graduated from Uni with a communications degree. If anyone knows of any communications jobs going, hit me up! I’d like to work one day a week and earn $1000 an hour, I think that is reasonable?

This blog is just my messy thoughts to keep up my writing, I highly doubt anyone will read my posts, which is probably a good thing. I like coffee, cats, music and sleeping, so it will be a very random collection of crap on here. I do like the odd adventure here and there, as long as it doesn’t involve stairs or anything that could possible kill me.

If anyone reads this;

1. Sorry, I tend to write after a few wines, and

2. Most of it probably won’t make sense.

Emma x


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