Summer 17/18, so far.

My favourite bits of summer (my favourite season, in case you haven’t noticed) so far.

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Melbourne, June 2018

Holy moly this is late. But better late then never!

In June, me and one of my best friends Kerry, travelled to Melbourne to see our friend Paige and her partner Troy. They have been living there for a while now, so a trip was way over due!

I won’t bore you with heaps of details, but it was the most amazing trip ever! We were there for six days and we saw so many awesome things, and did so many cool activities. And, of course, it was so good to catch up with Paige and Troy (and a couple of other Kiwi’s we know that live there!)

I thought I would let the pictures do the talking really, and as you can see we were pretty luck with the weather! Although I did freeze my tits off (here’s me thinking Australia would be warm).


Songs I want Played at My Funeral

I pride myself on my taste in music. My dad has excellent taste in music, and I hope I have partially inherited this. Here is a little list of my all-time favourite songs, I.E the songs I want played at my funeral and have loved consistently since I discovered them.

(Disclaimer: I am a little biased when it comes to Radiohead as they as one of my Dad’s favourite bands and therefore I love them – can you tell my Dad is my idol? lol #daddysgirl)

Top 10 All Time Favourite Songs:

  1. Just One Day – Mighty Oaks
  2. Lucky – Radiohead
  3. Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood
  4. Fingertips – One Republic
  5. Sand in My Shoes – Dido (this is inspired by Mum, not Dad for once.)
  6. Somebody Else – The 1975
  7. High Hopes – Kodaline
  8. Where is My Mind? – Pixies
  9. I Promise – Radiohead (do you see what I mean now?)
  10. Next Year – Two Door Cinema Club

I thought I would also include some songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately that are a bit more recent-ish.

  • Doing it to Death – The Kills
  • Waves – Dean Lewis
  • Adore – Amy Shark
  • Go Slow – Submarine Monkey (he’s a Kiwi guy and he’s awesome.)
  • Is This It – The Strokes

I love any song I can blast in the car and sing along really badly too. I don’t even bother trying to sing nicely, my partner will tell you that.